Beautiful Summer Garden Wedding (with a bit of rain)

As Winter sets in and the temperature drops a few degrees, I thought I'd share with you the beautiful summer garden wedding of Asha & Tom. You would think that planning an outdoor wedding in August in the UK you'd be (fairly) safe from the rain and drizzle and the wedding of your dreams would go to plan without a hitch. However, just moments before the ceremony was due to start and Asha the bride was due to walk down the aisle in her grandparents back garden the heavens decided to open. Needless to say, just 10 minutes after the rain we had sunshine and a really beautiful ceremony went ahead. I really didn't mind getting wet at all, it's my job as a documentary wedding photographer to tell a story by any means, actually all those umbrellas made for a great photo.

The wedding ceremony was conducted by the groom's brother in Asha's grandparents gardens, with the meal & speeches being held in a stunning open sided marquee. 

The party in the evening was pretty special, I just loved the energy (see video start). I think its best I show you some of my most favourite moments from their day. Enjoy, Lee

Play the video with the sound up in full screen

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Gorgeous Garden Wedding - Kitty & Robert

Back in July, Kitty & Rob had me along to document their wedding. This was a wonderful day that was held in their (rather impressive) family garden.

Flower design was arranged by Kitty's mother and I must admit they looked absolutely stunning.  Each table had a different potted flower, ranging from sweet peas and dahlias to peony's and roses this was a very creative and pretty seating plan. 

The ceremony was held at the bottom of the garden, in a secret alcove among the trees. Family and friends gathered awaiting the ceremony to start. Moments before the brides arrival the heavens decided to open. Luckily for all, this only lasted for a minute and the ceremony could commence.

I really enjoyed telling Kitty & Rob's wedding story, not only the photography but recording sound as well. 

Simply press play and enjoy every moment of this photofilm above - Turn the sound up a little :)

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gorgeous garden wedding