Documentary Wedding Photographer - Creative Storyteller - UK

Hi I'm Lee, welcome to my website, I'm very glad you've found me.

I have lots of natural & un-posed images to show you, but first, a little info on my style. 

The type of photography I'm experienced in is documentary wedding photography.

You may have heard this described as wedding photojournalism or reportage photography.

It's all just a very nice way of saying that I am very observant, creative and not bossy in any way. 

It's all about the REAL storytelling of a wedding day.

My very latest wedding posts.

My 2016/17 was pretty special - Take a look at these short but packed videos.

What did you think? Every image here was of a genuine moment... No posing in any way, shape or form.


"This is a photofilm, a combination of my tasteful documentary photography and snippets of audio recordings from the day. Best way to really appreciate them is to press play with the volume up..."

A small selection of complete weddings.

I hope you liked this little selection of weddings

This is just a very small flavour of my work, my style, and what you can expect when hiring me.

Notice there was no awkward posing and no fake smiles?

I have so much more I'd like to show you:

Newly updated Portfolio

 Wedding photofilms & Slideshows

Pricing info

My Philosophy on Documenting Weddings:

“Capture meaningful, real moments without organising or directing in any way

I am your eyes & ears

Weddings are a celebration, not a photoshoot.

Your memories are very important to me”
— Lee