Rivervale Barn Wedding Photography

Today I am really happy to share with you the wedding of Kathryn & Ryan at the beautiful Rivervale Barn venue in Hampshire. 

I started my day as I usually do by documenting all the fun and happiness at the brides home before heading to the church to meet the groom. The kind hearted vicar who was conducting the ceremony welcomed me so warmly and literally had no restrictions regarding the photography, it was indeed a breath of fresh air (not that I am ever intrusive of course, being a storytelling documentary wedding photographer). 

The wedding took place on what felt like one of the windiest days of the year, "Storm Brian" making Kathryn's vale blow uncontrollably. Not phased in the slightest, Kathryn & Ryan hugged and celebrated in style and it was a pleasure to have witnessed & documented their day. 

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Storm Brian at Rivervale Barn

Storm Brian at Rivervale Barn

Relive the day by pressing play on the photofilm video at the top of the page - volume up a little is a must! Alternatively, I have posted a very small selection of my most favourite moments from their day. All the best to the happy couple, Lee

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