Farnham Castle Wedding - Jessica & Lewis

Jessica & Lewis, your wedding was so lovely - Thank you for choosing me to tell your story.

I began the day with the Bridal party documenting the fun, excitement and emotions unfolding. I then took a 5 minute stroll to meet Lewis at a local pub, orders from his wife to be were to simply "Drink champagne!" which I'm sure Lewis and his guests had absolutely no qualms about at all!

Some surprises for me on the day which made this wedding pretty awesome:

The groom was in the wedding band (and played incredibly well!)

In true gentleman style the groom carried his new wife to shelter from the rain

Lots of hugging, kissing and happiness.

Shots on the dance floor (I can imagine things got pretty messy when I left)

 All of these great moments are the reason I love documentary wedding photography, which leads me to say please enjoy and take a look at some of the gorgeous photographs from their day. Also, just to add I thought Jessica rocked the cowgirl boots and I just loved the dance with her father :) beautiful.

Play the slideshow loud in full screen, I hope you love it - If so, leave a comment I really appreciate that.

If you like what I do then I'd love to hear all about your wedding plans.