30 B&W wedding pictures - Fuji X-T1

30 black and white wedding photographs - Taken with the Fuji X-T1

Play the video full screen and music up.

I really really love black and white wedding photography.

The setting, a beautiful castle wedding, Scotland.

A video of just 30 Black & White discretely documented images. All images were taken with the superb Fuji X-T1 camera. Comprised mostly of guests at the wedding. Observing intently I used the Fuji's flip screen a lot here, it is a real nifty little feature that I thought I would never use, turns out it's really handy for getting different angles and being even more discrete by shooting low by the hip.

This camera will make you love and appreciate photography.

Enjoy this video all the images have been subtly processed with a little added grain for my desired look, the music is beautiful too... Enjoy