Documentary Wedding Photography

A true and honest record of your wedding day, real compelling storytelling.

Documentary wedding photography

How I work as a documentary wedding photographer.

Documentary wedding photography, also commonly known as "wedding photojournalism" and "reportage photography" essentially describes a very hands off, candid approach to photography.

My style is all about natural story telling.

I’m not a fan of arranging, directing, staging or prompting anyone or anything, I simply document weddings as they happen. The flash will always stay in the kit bag until the evenings party, by using fast prime lenses I am able to keep shooting in most lighting conditions, without resorting to flash and drawing attention. 

I simply observe the day unfolding, creatively capturing moments as and when they happen.

documentary wedding photography

Family Heirlooms - Priceless

I feel weddings must be beautifully documented and tastefully edited without any awful faddy techniques.

Photography is priceless.

Precious now - even more so many years down the line.

I get great joy knowing that I help keep memories fresh and that the wedding photographs & albums may be passed down and enjoyed through the generations.

For me, it’s all about the happiness

The candid humour

The roller-coaster of emotions

And those beautiful, easily missed, moments.

This isn’t a photo-shoot - Enjoy your wedding day!

These authentic documentary wedding photography moments make me smile.

documentary wedding photography
documentary wedding photography lee meek.jpg
Candid Wedding Photography
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A Few minutes for some Relaxed Couple Time

A fine set of documentary wedding photographs can be beautifully complimented by some really relaxed and natural portraits. This is a nice time for you to take a small break from the wedding day. This part is totally optional, and many couples will not necessarily need or want some portraits or group photos. 

Couple Time
Fairyhill Wedding Photography
Colville Hall Wedding Photography

Family Formals (I do them... most of the time)