Why I love this image - You're famous

Why I love this image - You're famous

It's your wedding, a truly magnificent day filled with love, friends and family. 

Let's face it, most people carry a camera of some sorts (mostly in phone form), and of course it will make an appearance at your wedding its only natural. Friends and family wanting a cheeky memory of there own, to cherish.

Loathed by a few photographers, I actually quiet like the camera wielding guests. 

Let me explain this picture, to my left is the bride and groom doing the tradition cake cutting and to my right they have a rather nice crowd armed with cameras. As a story telling photographer it is my job to tell the story honesty and not just focus on the obvious.

Of course the couple had a photo of them happily cutting the cake, but as a documentary photographer it's my job to show the couple, their day unfold through my eyes. This may not look like the perfect image, but it has meaning to the couple it cannot be posed or recreated, this is a moment!