Focus on Groom Prep Photography

The wedding day has arrived, and the photographer is due to discreetly document your pre-wedding excitement and nerves. It's true that for the most part, coverage usually start with the bride and her brides maids, with makeup and champagne sipping before setting of to get married. It is a really fun and happy time indeed with lots of really special images to be captured. However, the bride isn't the only party feeling the pre-wedding nerves and excitement. We have the groom and his groomsmen, equally, the atmosphere during the time getting really is just as electric, which will of course lead to some wonderful photographs. 

I am happy to cover either the grooms or brides prep, sometimes both (time permitting). I really hate to miss any pre wedding photography at all, as this is a very significant time in the wedding day that truly kicks of the storytelling. I usually spend 45-60 mins during this time as this is plenty.

Here is a few images showcasing some manly wedding prep. Enjoy

Groom prep photography
pre wedding photography
groom prep photography

Public houses - A very popular destination for nervous grooms

prep photography grooms
groom prep photography
groom prep photography