An English Garden Wedding

The 4th of July - as most American folks would have been celebrating independence day, a celebration of a different kind was on the agenda for Ian & Jill. A real English garden wedding. Who needs big elaborate wedding venues when you a have the most quaint and delightful church directly next door to your home, and a backyard being the most suitable setting for a big marquee.

While dressed in her stunning wedding dress, shortly before getting married, Jill had a surprise visit to a friend planned. Of course, I tagged along.

A talented musician had the entire church singing whilst the newly married couple signed the register, it was something beautiful to witness. Lots of hugging, kissing, and congratulating took place as the couple left the church. My documentary style of photography just so happened to be the perfect match for this wonderful day with so many characters and expressions (watch the creative video).

On to the speeches, the collective efforts of Jill, Ian and his two best men led guests to be rather emotional and also in fits of laughter. This just so happen to be one of the nicest days of the year with an awesome sunset. 

As always here is a few of my Favourite images... Enjoy