Why I love this image - the half portrait


Why I love this image - The half portrait

I really like this image, everything about it, the mans expressions as he talks to the elderly lady, the way he holds his empty glass and the background filled with guests. I purposely shot this image in such a way, so we can only see half of the gentleman's face. Sure I could have stepped to the left a little and had him fully in view, but, I think this works far better and makes for a more interesting picture.

I tried this image in colour first, but knew deep down it would ultimately be a B & W image. This image was shot using the fuji X-E1 camera with the 35mm lens. This image is one of my favorites from the day, simple yet powerful.

This kind of image is why I love documentary wedding photography, the freedom to move about and see the moment without directing or asking for attention. It allows me to capture many priceless moments like this.