Reportage Wedding Photography.

The worlds finest storytellers are often under-appreciated and without due credit. Take a look at this: Times Best Photojournalists, you will see real life, real people and stories that are raw, emotional and thought-provoking. These stories didn't tell themselves.

I have always recognised that weddings  deserve the same level of storytelling detail as any other life event. The Wedding Photojournalist can witness and report a wedding day that is filled with love and emotion. You will be left with a set of timeless photographs that will always be treasured beyond one lifetime.

Documentary Wedding Photography.

There are many buzz words to describe a photographer who is very hands off: "Documentary Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photojournalist, Reportage Wedding Photographer" and even "Candid Wedding Photographer" I believe that these words represent a photographer who's job it is to simply see the world around them, to report the news through stunning photos, but not to be the news, that would be contriving the moment and in my opinion rendering it "not real".

2016 Showreel - Play with the sound up

I'm available to document weddings all over the UK and abroad - If you're interested in hiring a professional wedding photojournalist then I'd like to hear about your wedding plans.