Dancing With Dad - An Image I Love

Proud Father & Happy Daughter.

Dancing with dad - An Image I Love (series)

Well, what can I say about an image that speaks louder than any words can muster? Only that I am always so humbled and happy to witness the love, not only of the bride and groom but of family members too. Megan's dad here, looks like the worlds proudest man, and the bride looks so incredibly content and happy dancing with her father. Feel free to take a look at the full wedding: Haughley Park Barn Wedding Photography. All the best, Lee

Why I love this image "Share"

I really couldn't have asked for a better setup than this. I love everything about this picture, the painting of the child girl in the background and the brother and sister sharing a cola. I had to be very quick with this capture (camera ready to shoot) if i'd have taken more than a second they would have been "photographer aware" and this beautiful moment would have been lost. 

It is my job of a documentary wedding photographer to be ready to capture these really special moments.  

Why I love this image - playful

Following on with my series of images that I love.

Inseparable! It's late evening. These girls make their own fun outside while the grown ups dance and mingle inside. My job as a documentary wedding photographer is to tell the story of everything that is happening. Little moments like this can easily be overlooked.

I really like this image & I'm sure it will look great framed and hung on a wall, a family heirloom for many generations.